Characters & Lore

A deep dive into the characters and lore which make up All Vampires Are Gay Podcast.

WARNING – spoilers ahead!

Main Characters - Season One

Get to know the Vampires, Humans and Witches that make up the Main Characters of Season One of All Vampires Are Gay Podcast.

Victor Nightingale

Victor Nightingale is our main character and he’s a lot, to put it mildly. Full of sass, wit and drama, Victor barrels through life with his black sunglasses and a pack of cigarettes, looking for attractive men to make his days more interesting. Underneath his gothic demeanor he’s got a huge heart and is deeply devoted to his friends. A surprisingly skilled fighter he spends his time when he’s not partying helping Samson on various magical missions, but he’d really rather go out dancing.

Robert Zamora

Robert Zamora is Victor’s human love interest and a surprisingly capable sparring partner for Victor’s sharp wit. Robert is new to the city and a DJ at the Belladonna club where he plays to packed houses, usually with his signature red roses on his DJ booth and pinned to his jacket. Naturally inquisitive and always keen to learn something new, he leans toward the neurotic but he’s got a lot of love to give to the right person.


Samson is the leader of the crew, when they are not deeply focused on espionage they love fashion and nightlife. But most of their time is focused on their work – saving humans from evil vampires and other supernatural forces who wish to harm them.  Samson is passionately committed to this cause and is obsessive about always being one step ahead of their enemies – ideally in a pair of very high heels.

Jinn Greenwillow

Jinn Greenwillow is a librarian, witch, researcher and all around super-nerd. Born to an Old Blood vampire family she was raised into old-fashioned traditions and wealth, but she waved goodbye to all that when she took up witchcraft and accidentally gave herself giant wings. Now she lives at Pendragon University and keeps watch over the large collection of magical lore books, while also tending to her rare plants and mushrooms, and drinking large mugs of herbal tea.


Persephone is the oldest of the New Blood vampires, though you wouldn’t know it to look at her. The transition from Human to Vampire was particularly difficult for her and the side effects resulted in her becoming a bit of a recluse. But she’s made her home a lovely place to be with a house full of magical artifacts and some very special earmuffs she can spend her days chatting with Charles, knitting, and doing tarot readings for customers at her shop, The Mystic Moon.

Apricot Beardsley

Apricot Beardsley is the youngest daughter of a powerful old witch bloodline. Her family are well known and respected in the witch community, so it was a bit of a surprise to them when she requested to make her witchcraft apprenticeship with a rogue vampire, Jinn Greenwillow. Apricot is fiercely devoted to her friends and family, hoping she can bridge the worlds of vampires and witches and help them see they have more in common than they realize.

Character Sheets - Season One

Character sheets created by Corwynn with lots of additional details and in-depth physical descriptions of the main characters.

These can be especially useful for helping to visualize the characters while listening!

Additional Characters - Season One

A little bit more about some of the villains and minor characters of Season One.

Lyran (formerly Julian)

The main villain and the man who broke Victor’s heart, Lyran is up to something big and dangerous in their city. Lyran is obsessed with Victor and he loves to bring up their dark history whenever possible.


Doorman at the Belladonna Club, Finn is a club kid who loves over-the-top fashion, gossip and changing his hair color at least once a week. He is friends with Robert and more than willing to get involved in a little vampire drama.

The Chevaliers

A group of powerful and ancient vampires The Chevaliers have become more monster than human. When Victor and Samson killed their leader a very long time ago The Chevaliers hunted them down in America for revenge. Instead they got locked in a mausoleum for a hundred years or so, which has made them rather unhappy.


Charles is a distinguished gentleman, Persephone’s beloved, and a devoted fan of a good story. He loves conversation and delights in puns and cheesy humor. He spends most of his time napping due to currently being a sentient head in a jar.

Vasya and Her Sisters

Vasya and her sisters are powerful witches residing in the woods a few hours outside of the city where they run a Bed & Breakfast. They keep watch on the mausoleum housing The Chevaliers while tending to their herbs and magics.


Nick is a stockbroker, a werewolf and Apricot’s fiancee. He’s very protective of her to a sometimes irritating degree and is a close friend of her entire family. Apricot’s parents and Grandmother strongly approve of their engagement.

Violet Zamora

Robert’s sister, Violet Zamora, has become a powerful witch and been turned into a vampire by Lyran. She now works as part of Lyran’s crew, supporting him and doing his bidding, even if it means turning against her own brother.

Henry Chomiski

The body Victor found outside Belladonna club, killed by vampires and wearing a green amulet. Henry Chomiski worked at Gramercy Hospital and studied the supernatural.

Ingrid J.

Ingrid was a member of their crew a long time ago, along with her sister August. She was killed by Lyran, and there is more to the story which Victor is keeping secret from everyone. Samson and Persephone think she was killed by the leader of The Chevaliers who they killed in revenge.

Notable Locations - Season One

Some of the most interesting locations we visited in the first season!

Night and Day Cafe

A local cafe and favorite haunt of Victor and Robert. Night & Day Cafe is open 24 hours and has seating overlooking the ocean, with a canopy of fairy lights above. They are known for their super strong coffee and tasty snacks.

The Belladonna Club

A new and wildly popular night club that somehow Victor didn’t hear about. Robert is the resident DJ, Finn is the doorperson and two of Lyran’s vampire lackeys work there too. Possibly owned by Lyran, the nightclub is burned down at the end of Season One.

Pendragon University

Pendragon seems like a normal University, and in fact most of its students have no idea about its magical importance. Pendragon is home to the largest collection of magical books in America, a mysterious magical tunnel system and resident vampire witch Jinn Greenwillow. Pendragon is anything but ordinary and may reveal even more secrets soon.

Pendragon Tunnels

Running underneath the University is a network of underground tunnels. The tunnels have been taken over by the crew for storing magical weapons and potions, safe from prying eyes.

The Three Sisters Country Bed and Breakfast

Vasya and her sisters opened this charming Bed & Breakfast after The Chevaliers were locked in the mausoleum nearby. They found it a convenient place to keep watch on the mausoleum and also do their magic away from the supernatural forces in the city. Most of the time though it’s just a normal quaint Bed & Breakfast in a large victorian-style manor.

The Mystic Moon

A cozy mystical shop owned and staffed by Persephone. The Mystic Moon sells crystals, incense, magic books, antiques and other magical artifacts. She also offers fortune telling, psychic and tarot readings.

Notable Artifacts - Season One

A bit more about the magical artifacts of the first season.

The Dagger of Anshe

An elusive and rare magical artifact, The Dagger Of Anshe is said to possess the power to cut through magic. This ability would seemingly allow the user to disable enchantments and curses, as well as destroy magical artifacts and sever their connection to a magical power source

Crimson Borealis

Once thought extinct Crimson Borealis is a very special plant with a strange fruity aroma. Crimson Borealis is very hard to grow and only blooms in moonlight, its flowers glow with a red light. Its flowers possess significant magical properties which affect vampires specifically. Lyran came into possession of some and has been experimenting with its properties. So far, we know it can make turning humans into vampires much easier and if consumed can make a vampire appear to be human.

Helios Stone

A Helios Stone is a slice of geode magically enchanted to help users share memories. When activated two or more users will place their hands on the Helios Stone and think of the memories they want to share. Soon a temporary memory transference will commence and the other person will see the memory as if it was their own.

The Englox Machine

The Englox Machine is a rare and unique magical machine, crafted with layers of intricate spellwork, the machine works like a sort of magical scanner. An object is placed inside the machine and over the course of weeks the spells scan the device and print off encrypted data describing the item. After decoding the data the user should be able to ascertain the abilities and properties of the magical item, probably.

The Green Amulets and Crystals

Victor first encountered the green amulets on the body of Henry Chomiski, but many of Lyran’s lackeys wear them as well. The amulets enhance vampire abilities, making them more powerful and also grant the user the ability to use more than one of their powers at the same time. The enhanced powers quickly get out of control unless the vampire is being controlled by a witch. The accompanying green crystals are used by nearby witches to give them the power to control the vampires in order to keep their powers in check. However, this also allows them to control the movements and actions of the wearer.

Victor's Burner Phone

Victor receives an enchanted burner phone from Samson early on in Season One. The phone has had many spells placed on it to make it better for communicating safely and avoiding vampire spies. The phone has a powerful protection charm as well as spells which make conversations soundless to people far away, making it impossible to eavesdrop using supernatural hearing.