Corwynn Rosewood


Corwynn is the Creator, Writer, and Narrator of All Vampires Are Gay Podcast.

Corwynn is an Atlanta based writer, performer and artist. They are the creator of All Vampires Are Gay Podcast, as well as other podcasts and novels currently in production.

They have worked previously in social media and graphic design, and dabbled in indie radio. They are known for their over-the-top personality (and wardrobe), so podcast performing is a natural fit for them. They identify as Bisexual and Non-Binary Genderqueer.

Corwynn Rosewood grew up in the wild misty woodlands of the Pacific Northwest. Besides telling stories they love reading fantasy books and watching supernatural tv shows and movies. Some of their other interests include listening to pop music, experimenting with fashion, herbalism, cozy gaming and embroidery. They love tea, coffee, dancing, dressing up and rainy days. Especially rainy days.

Instagram: @corwynnrosewood

Parker Frost


Parker is the Producer and Composer of All Vampires Are Gay Podcast.

Parker is an Atlanta based multi-disciplinary artist and music producer. They produced, edited and composed all the audio and music for All Vampires Are Gay podcast. They are currently working on Studio Corwynn’s next podcast and an ambient music project.

Parker grew up surrounded by music in public radio, and currently works in audio/video production. They brought those skills and their natural artistic flare to the unique job of podcast production and sound design. They identify as Bisexual and Genderfluid.

Parker Frost describes themself as a lifelong learner, serial hobbiest and collector of weird sounds. Music holds a big place in their heart, they can often be found listening or making music and collecting field recordings. When not making music you might find them customizing vintage gameboys, knitting, or learning to be a DND dm.

Instagram: @iamparkerfrost

Studio Corwynn

Studio Corwynn is the Production Company that makes all vampires are gay Podcast

Studio Corwynn is a group of varied freelance artists who help support production aspects of All Vampires Are Gay Podcast.

They are responsible for various parts of Production, Mixing, Editing & Engineering, as well as some Graphic Design, Illustration and Web Development.